Exclusive Bitcoin Halving Offer
6-12 Months from Now You Could Be 336% to 1169% Richer...
Here's How Bitcoin Creates Maximum Profit Every Halving and What to Do About It
Fellow Investor,

This is an urgent message.
Because there are few like you scanning the horizon searching for opportunities.
When an opportunity like this came up on what many will call a historic tipping point for the economy in the years to come, I knew it would be an urgent and important message.
A message for anyone who believes, even in the slightest, that Bitcoin could be the #1 asset of 2024.
It's about the Bitcoin Halving.
This halving is like no other.
I'll show you why in a moment's time, but for you now, you probably know Bitcoin hit a new All-Time High in early March...
Three times! 
That's the first time this happened, ever.
However, that is just one *small* benefit compared to what is about to happen.
Here's the story:
It's happened before, and it's happening again.
Every halving event has catapulted the price of Bitcoin from 336% to 1169% higher...

Along with many highly profitable, publicly-traded, yet under-valued crypto stocks.

Hi, Mark Jeftovic, here.

I'm going to show you why right now is the most opportune time for historic gains in Bitcoin and below-the-radar crypto stocks.

You see, according to non-coiners, gold sellers, and the gerontocracy, something peculiar happens every halving.
Bitcoin makes enormous gains...

Falls a bit...
Then keeps going up...
Because Bitcoin is money.

And it's supporting the growth of an entire industry. I'll explain how, but...

You need to know this first:

How the first halving, turned out on Nov. 28, 2012. 

In less than 6 months...
(that's all it took)
Bitcoin went up 1169.23%!
From $13, all the way $165 per BTC.

Then it happened again.
Here's how Bitcoin's second halving on July 9, 2016 turned out.
Not a bad increase...
In less than 12 months...
(a little longer than last time, I'll admit)
Bitcoin went up 336.19%!
From $677 to $2953 per BTC.

Then again.
On May 11, 2020, just in time for paper hands to grab hold of some BTC over the two years of lockdown...
Bitcoins third halving didn't turn out too shabby at all.
In just under 12 months...

(Not counting the pandemic bull run after our dates, when herd scarred themselves into buying something they didn't understand.)

Bitcoin went up 528.92%!

From $9,512 to $59,823 per BTC.
Now something different is happening.
Something that's been driving the price of Bitcoin up even higher before the next halving event on Friday, April 19, 2024.
It's not a secret.
Since the fall of last year, the price of Bitcoin has gone up 173.96%.

Mostly thanks to Bitcoin ETFs.

Institutional investors are piling money into their new safe haven investment before it's too late.
Because they know the halving event could be slightly profitable.

You can also take advantage of what you know now.
Like how Bitcoin's just getting started.
This is the first time Bitcoin's hit new all-time highs before a halving...

This time it's put in three.

The most recently at $73K/BTC almost exactly a month ago.

Overall, it's been 210,000 blocks...
About a month shy of four years since the last halving, and all we have to show for it is:
  • 416% increase in global hash power
  • 769% increase in market cap
  • The most successful ETF launch in history
  • Over 21 million new non-zero wallet addresses (up 70%)
  • ...and a 680% price increase (170% annually)
What to do before the Halving:
3 Ways to Maximize Bitcoin Profit
What you're facing is a contrarian value investment of epic proportions, which I'll explain in a moment.

But for the time being, here's what makes a good contrarian play:

First, you want to find an overlooked asset - an asset like Bitcoin.
Since the 2020 halving, the number of new, non-zero wallet addresses are only up 21 million users.
That isn't much...
When you consider there are over 8 Billion people in the world.
That's only a tiny fraction of the possibly billions of users.
Next, you want your contrarian investment to be undervalued, which Bitcoin is...

Because of its volatility...
And because it is based on new immutable blockchain technology, the billions of people who trust the USD, and every other fiat currency don't trust money that's "only a piece of software."
Yet, Bitcoin's margin of safety is much higher(and stable) than any fiat currency. 
Bitcoin is: 
  • Decentralized
  • Truly Scarce / Deflationary (21 Million tokens)
  • Censorship Resistant
  • A Distributed Ledger
  • Incorruptible
In fact, it is because of these characteristics that Bitcoin is leading the way for what I call a monetary regime change. 
And that means, a monetary change like this one is your contrarian investment.

Here's what it happening to fiat.
1. Position Yourself Before Bitcoin Replaces Fiat
You see, because Bitcoin is deflationary it is the opposite of fiat.
In order to keep to keep the USD going, they must print more money.
When they print more money, a bad thing happens.
The value of money decreases - ie. inflation!
The best example I can think of is this famous chart:
Take a look at the curve.

It shows you what happens when governments decide to print fiat money(debt) to solve debt problems.
The value of the German mark went way down.
At one point, you needed $1 Trillion Marks to purchase one gold Mark.
Unbelievable, but that's what happened.
Now, compare that fiat chart to the value of Bitcoin - deflationary money.
2. Hold Assets that Increase with Bitcoin
Bitcoin is scarce.
There's only so much, but...
What makes it, and every asset that depends on Bitcoin for its value so valuable, is every halving event.
It is every halving event that creates the 21,000,000 BTC hard cap for Bitcoin.

This halving...

– which will happen on Friday –

is the fourth bitcoin halving...

And it will take the block reward down from 6.25 BTC now...to 3.175 afterwards (it started at 50, then 25 in 2012, 12.5 in 2016, 6.25 in 2020, and so on).

In previous cycles this has set up a "supply shock" for the price of Bitcoin – driving prices higher.

Sometimes mind-bogglingly so.

So much so that you already saw just how much Bitcoin can increase.

In a matter of 6-12 months, Bitcoin can increase...




That's why many people, after investing in Bitcoin allocate a portion of their portfolio into publicly-traded crypto stocks (and if they want to get speculative, alt-coins).

Few of which are extreme "Buffett" style investments (a total of 12 are included in my portfolio.

This time, Bitcoin (and the few publicly -traded crypto stocks I just mentioned) may even outperform gold during the United State's biggest, and fastest debt cycle in history.

Here's what that looks like:

3. You may want to move money OUT of gold...
It sounds crazy.
Actually, I did this and I told my readers...
"Don't try this at home."
In other words, if you lack conviction, confidence, and clarity in your investment.
You may not want to invest as much in Bitcoin as I have, but...

This may spark your curiosity.
Let's compare gold's performance to Bitcoin.
In April 2013, gold was $1,500... 

And with the recent new high around $2,350, it's up about 56%, over 11 years.
It also means that investors would have been better served simply buying gold.

You and many others might consider this: 
Rather than putting money into a popular gold fund with fees, or even investing a large portion of their money into physical gold (also with fees), you buy Bitcoin, or invest in an asset that increases with Bitcoin.

Let's see how Bitcoin does.

In April 2013, Bitcoin was $135.

Do you really want me to do the math?
It's about 48,057%.
That's what this halving means for you, and everyone else who reads this today.

It's one massive opportunity to maximize your Bitcoin profits before the next halving event.
I'll show you how - every detail.
I do this monthly for all my loyal subscribers...
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6-12 Months from Now You Could Be 336% to 1169% Richer...
Here's How Bitcoin Creates Maximum Profit Every Halving and What to Do About It
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