Why you Might be a "Crypto Communist"... And NOT EVEN know it!
Revealed: How the Ruling Elites are using the "controlled demolition" of the US Economy to turn you into an ignorant, poor and loyal comrade...

How to avoid their game for your family's protection and prosperity...

...in spite of the Elites' Next Big Move in the "controlled demolition" of the US Economy.
Your privacy...
Your property...
And your personal freedom are ALL on the line...
Because if you already agreed to valuable socialist "protection" and "prosperity..."
You're at the first step to becoming a "Crypto Communist."
I'm not talking about CBDCs.
I'm talking about something much smaller, but MUCH more dangerous and MUCH more insidious.
Something you see suggested as a passing moment in the evening news.
Something that's been verified by *independent fact-checkers*...
And then sent out from The Ministry of Truth.

Because the ruling elites want you to know the US economy is "sound and resilient..."
"Strong, with a growing GDP..."
That's all simple prep work for this:
It's the idea that the elite's "controlled demolition" of the US economy is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

So you can just move along...

Think about Friday.

Enjoy your Memorial Day BBQs.

And then return to work on Monday like nothing ever happened.

Because your next coffee break is all about retirement plans.

Daydreaming when grandkids will come...

All the while, something else is happening.

You're handing over your personal freedom and your hard-earned life-savings in exchange for "protection" and "prosperity"...

It's a small thing.

In exchange for following the rules your neighbor MUST also follow...

Really, you know these dangerous socialist ideas are putting your family's at a MAJOR risk.

That's because you probably have some idea how that kind of thinking makes them see you.

You're a number.

A small spec in Blackrock's financial surveillance system...

Don't be surprised if that database tracks...

If you're vaccinated or unvaccinated.

If you donated to certain causes or beliefs...

Or whether or not you "liked" or even watched content deemed "radical traditionalist ideology", or "right wing fascism."

With an all-access pass given to unelected officials...

Why could all this be true?

Because there's something more going on...

You've heard of the "controlled demolition" of the economy...

If you're like me, you want to know why the Elites are "suddenly and unexpectedly" ALL-IN on Bitcoin.

AND every other crypto...

That's because it's deliberate, precise, and planned.
Even in the midst of all this, there's a way out.
A way to ensure your personal sovereignty and protect the financial security of your family.
It's how you can use this "controlled demolition", and the next pre-planned crises against them.
But first you have to know where you are right now.
So you can stand on solid ground, get your footing, and face what's happening...
For your own family, protection and profit.

What You Already Said Yes to...

Don't you think it's odd?
How an economy can be "controlled" in what most Americans think of as a free market means there's something to question.
Since you're here, you may already know we are NOT in a free market.
In fact, the way the US economy is right now - it goes like this:
Politicians print free money...
Who give it to bankers...
Who give it to businessmen...
It's not hard to figure out who gets the real benefits here.
They do.
They just talk to each other and then use the institutions they create for their benefit...
Friend, I don't want it to be true but these are Professional Criminals in power.
And they want to stay in power, forever.
So they use whatever they own to keep the power and the money.
You know what their biggest tool is: fear.
How do you know that's true?
Well, it shouldn't be a surprise that now-a-days the difference between a "conspiracy theory" and the truth is about six months.
Since that starts happening, you gotta ask yourself...
What's the point?
Why would people go to great lengths to manipulate an entire country?
Well, many people will tell you, "There is no point."
"That's why there's no conspiracy."
If that's true, then why do the same things keep happening?
Because they use fear tactics.
Fear is used to create rifts among people similar to what you saw happen in 2020.
Step #1 - Divide with Fear

Authorities instantly divided vaccinated against the unvaccinated.
At first, they told you to wear a mask.
"Masks stop the virus."
Masks don't stop you from spreading the virus.
Then they insisted it wasn't made in a lab.
It was made in a lab, facilitated by American federal disease control entities.
Then they started turning on their own people.
Slandering, bullying, and even criminalizing protests...
Take the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's reaction.
The #FreedomConvoy and protests criminalized in Canada.
And the masses followed...
They will never admit mistakes.
They will never take responsibility for the catastrophic outcomes of their own policies.
They will never stop gaslighting the masses.
And they will never willingly relinquish control over the system they use to condition the masses.
To show them their efforts for freedom and choice meant nothing.
By putting organizers on trial...
And freezing the bank accounts of a single mother giving to the cause she believed in.
All this did was divide the people.
And make you fearful.
So you'd run to your government.
Step #2 - It's Not the Fed

You remember Terra Luna?

Or FTX, and Sam Bankman Fried...?

It's not the Fed.

It's the unregulated crypto industry.

The problem is...

So they say...

"There's no oversight."

Because people lost their life savings, it's easy to toss blame around.

So they point the finger at every detail, instead of what's really happening.

FTX filings were a "disorganized mess".

You saw a lack of proper accounting...

Auditing was done by "the first accounting firm in the metaverse."

Loans were made to company executives in the hundreds of millions of dollars...

There was no corporate board.

There was no HR department.

There was no accounting department.

There was no real tracking of customer funds.

You remember Enron?

FTX is far worse...
So where was the oversight?
In March 2022, President Biden issued an Executive Order for ensuring responsible development of digital assets.
What else happened in March?
FTX transferred billions of dollars in Bitcoin and Crypto to Ukraine and then back to the Democratic Party.
Then Ukraine said they used FTX...
"...only a few times in March 2022 exclusively to convert crypto donations into fiat."
Everything was verified because...
"The National Bank of Ukraine has confirmed receipt."
Then about six months later the FTX balance sheet makes the mainstream.
Mainstread media goes wild.
People lose their life savings.
They're afraid...
And Crypto Winter officially makes itself at home.
Then the authorities come out and say, "see no oversight."
You aren't "protected."
Nothing to cover up there...
Step #3 - The Fed has the Answer
You saw what happened in 2008.
Three BIG banks fell...
Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in a matter of a week...
With two more falling like dominoes...
First Republic, and then Signature Bank of New York
What you may not know is that the same banksters were there in 2008.
If they've seen it before, you can bet they can predict some things.
When you look at the numbers, you can get an idea of what to expect.
Three BIG banks collapsed in 2008...
Then there were 25 banks...
A lot of these were smaller banks, but then there were all the other ones that didn't hit MSM:
440 banks over the next four years.
If you're looking to predict what's going to happen in 2024...
What we've seen already is just the beginning.
Now I have to say this because I don't want anyone unprotected, or running scared too late.
This is a "controlled demolition" of the US economy.
The coming cascade of collapsing banks are just part of plan to slowly centralize and control the financial system.
So the Elite can do what they want, when they want...
"For your good."
By 2025, you could be looking at a maximum of six banks left standing.
You probably have your own predictions.
I have my own ideas too, but...
I'm making my own way.
Because I've seen this coming for over two decades of watching the ice thin on a corrupt and faulty money system.
I've found a way to protect your personal freedom, your personal sovereignty, and your family.
But first, let me tell you about the urgency of this report...
Why I think you should listen...
And the movement I'm a part of...

The Truth About the "Controlled Demolition" of the US Economy

NEVER take a government benefit at face value...

Because your personal freedom and life savings are already being taken away.

When the government, even unelected officials get control of the money...

It gives the maze of administration automatic permission to grow.

This started in 1913.

When the 'Creature from Jekyll Island' came to life...

The Federal Reserve was everything they needed.

Now politicians and certain prominent businessmen own the US dollar - your money, and they act like they own your retirement savings too.

With the flick of a switch, bankers print all the money politicians ask them too.

And then make you and I, and every other "average joe" believe that the government can provide anything we ask for with a vote...

Don't get me wrong.

Choices are what every person should have more of but...

When there's an unlimited amount of money waiting to be printed...

And handed out at little to no interest...

Then you have what's called a set up.

You get "benefits."

And the Elite get theirs.


Here's how it works:

When you give a government control of the money, those in power set themselves up for their own benefits.

They are CEOs.

They are Bankers.

They are Presidents.

They own Airlines.

They own national television networks.

And they own entire markets because of the interventions and regulations they install.

Yes, of course, there are some people who work the system but...

When they control the money supply,

and WHO gets the biggest benefit of that money because of the rules YOU voted for...

Then you're already half-communist.

If you let them simply waltz in and implement Central Bank Digital Currencies then...

You are letting them brand you "CryptoCommunist."

You need to control your money - your property.

And you need privacy.

But that's not where you're at.

Not yet.

I'll explain what and how to obtain your personal freedom, and protect your family soon.

But first, let's take a look at the "controlled demolition".

It's the slow dismantling of the old Federal Reserve, to make way for whatever's next.

I have my ideas...

And you probably have yours but...

It's more important to focus on what you can do, for you and your family.


Hi, I'm Mark Jeftovic.


I'm a Bitcoin OG.

I started allowing my businesses to sell in Bitcoin in 2013, but I bought it even earlier.

Even before that, I was deeply interested in finding solutions to our broken and rigged money system.

I've written about it on Zerohedge, Bitcoin Magazine, Coindesk, and CryptoRevealed...

And when Steve Bannon wanted to know the real story, he called me...

Why was I so interested?

I've been through this before...
When Bannon wanted to know the real story...
You can also find me featured on...
When I started my company, EasyDNS.com I saw hundreds of thousands of investors lose their life savings on the Next Big Thing.
It was called the "Dot Com Bubble."
Everyone said, "Nothing will go wrong."
But I saw people buying hundreds, even thousands of web addresses from my business.
Only to see "million dollar" assets like Startup.com halt and catch fire.
So when I saw the unelected plans coming out of the World Economic Forum...
Celebrity climate saviors...
And politicians with a money printer following the fundamental rule of political science:
"Once someone has power, they won't give it up."
I knew there had to be a way to protect every person, no matter who they were, from their plans.
A way to take what certain politicians, businessmen, and bankers have planned...
And turn it on their heads.
It isn't only the Bitcoin movement working against the Ruling Elite.
There's more.
To ensure your personal freedom and your family's prosperity.
I believe I've found quite possibly the ONLY way to ensure your personal sovereignty.
It's called BitcoinCapitalism.
I'll explain everything you need to know in a moment.
About Bitcoin...
About Freedom...
And about BitcoinCapitalism, the anti-thesis to "Crypto Communism."
First, you need to see what I've seen coming for a long time.
The collapse has already begun...
And why everything is coming down - about to be made new again.
Crypto is a major part of that new, digital future.
Bitcoin IS gold but...
But you have to know how to use it.
And that's why I'm writing to you today.
To take what the Ruling Elite think they have and use it against them, in spite of the "controlled demolition."
Anyone can do it...
You can ensure your personal freedom and protect your family's financial future.
I'm going to show you how I'm doing it.
You can easily follow this quiet, yet profitable movement.

The Collapse Has Already Begun

Have you seen these signs?
When you follow them, you might see the same thing I did.
They are tools.
Tools for a "controlled demolition" of the US economy...
And a reset into something entirely new, where you become an ignorant, poor, and loyal comrade.
Powell and rest say inflation is under control.

Yet, the boom and bust cycle is happening over and over again.

While prices for food, gas, and electricity continue to skyrocket.

Inflation is a tool.

It's nothing new.

Inflation has been used before to centralize and control an economy.

You remember what Lenin did to the Soviet Union?

He said...


"We will crush the middle class with taxation and inflation."

And that's exactly what's happening.

You're watching the middle class disappear.

While the Federal government takes ownership of almost everything.

This Clown World has already given them permission.

Climate hysteria is driving people towards one massive communist push against anything that could give you personal freedom like Bitcoin.

The attacks on Bitcoin are never-ending.

MSM keeps pumping out the idea that bitcoin is bad for climate change and...

"It uses too much of the world's energy."

These are hit-pieces against your personal freedom, property, and privacy.

You're seeing a concentrated effort to centralize power - MORE government power.
And less choices for you.
All while everyone agrees the Ruling Elite have a right to do it!
It's not difficult to remember only a few years ago.
When what you didn't think possible actually happened in Canada.
It was like 1984.
George Orwell could have written the script.
Trudeau systematically divided Canadians against one another.
Vaccinated against Unvaccinated.
He froze a multi-million dollar GoFundMe dedicated to freedom...
Attacking everyone who was against his personal plans.
Then he halted transactions from the Crypto wallet.
He didn't "freeze" them.
He couldn't.
Bitcoin solved that problem.
I'll show you how soon.
But I recommend starting from the beginning.
Start with why everything is coming down.
And you'll find out how to protect yourself and push back against our Ruling Elite's game...
So you can secure your personal freedom and financial future.
Here's what you need to know...

Why We Know

Everything is Coming Down

The US Dollar is collapsing.
It could happen "suddenly and unexpectedly."
It could happen in a long and drawn out manner.
Either way almost every "expert" knows what the Federal Reserve knows...
The great fiat money experiment is coming to an end.
Here's why:
The Federal Reserve is a ponzi scheme.
It needs more money to avoid collapse.
That's why the money has NEVER stopped growing...
Until now.
As you can see...
As the Fed increases interest rates, the money supply will shrink for the first time ever.

And that means something will break. Soon...

The system needs more money...

If the system doesn't more money, no one makes money.

For example, take a look at the banks...

You can see the banks aren't making money.

Bond market mayhem shows how...

In normal times, long-term bond rates are higher than short-term rates.
So banks make money.
But not now.
Not that the Fed has raised interest rates.
They need to pay their debt, but they can't.
They're losing money on their loans and especially bonds.
You can see the yield curve above.
It's one for the record books...
So, where will people get money to pay their debt?
I'm not sure if they will.
Debt is overwhelming.
Take a look at the amount of loans compared to personal savings rates.
In the United States...
And every other nation that weighs their currency against the US Dollar.
You'll see more Debt Ceiling talks...
More emergency meetings in the Oval Office...
More unsolvable debates in congress...
All about debt.
And then if you've seen how many Americans are already turning to pawn shops.
Here is the recent google search trend for...
"pawn shops near me"
If you're not prepared, you may start wondering how to pay your next credit card bill.

And that's already started happening.

Now that COVID stimmy checks have run out...

People are maxing out their credit cards.

They're paying rent and feeding their kids.

All with debt at 20%+ interest rates.

Which is why I'm writing to you today.

You and I are living in dangerous times.

When the best thing to focus on is your personal freedom, and your protecting your hard-earned life-savings...

So you're not willingly handing over your money and your life to out-of-touch elites.

I'm going to show you how to do that.

I'm going to show you how many people are exiting the corrupt and failing money system.

Then I'm going to show you how to ensure your personal sovereignty - your freedom.

But first, you need to be focused on the right things.

Here's where to start.

What 99% of Investors Aren't Doing

Few are hedging their family's future with this ONE solution...
Every other piece falls into place.
When you start to hedge against a collapsing economy...
Creeping fascism...

And crypto's "secret" communist consensus.

You start on the path to personal freedom, ensuring the protection of your family and their financial future.

Investors like yourself NEVER think to START with Bitcoin...

Because of raging FOMO everyone had in the last crypto bull market.



The truth is 99% of investors are not using Bitcoin like a BitcoinCapitalist would...

You treat it like gold.

It is digital gold.

It is decentralized.

It is unchangeable.

And there is only a certain amount.

Now some are buying Bitcoin but...

There is a way to use Bitcoin without selling, or trading, or loaning it...

So you can ensure your personal freedom and protect your family from the Elite's next big move.

No matter where and when they decide to strike.

No matter what the regime chooses to do...

It's called BitcoinCapitalism.

When you see the steps in this quiet, yet profitable movement, you begin your journey.

To ensure your privacy...

Personal property...

And freedom.

Because Bitcoin is creating a new Trillion dollar opportunity, you can use it to flip what the Elite are attempting to do - right on their heads.

Imagine the rich and most powerfully connected people making plans.

Then in a year's time, whimpering under their bed sheets.


Complaining at the yacht club as their membership expires...

Being comforted by a trophy wife that can no longer afford eye shadow.


Because you didn't let them get their way.

You are a small part of one massive, independent movement.

But it could go the other way.

What Could Happen to the 99%
When the Elite Get their Way

For those who think privacy is no big deal.
Your right to privacy is being taken from you and...
For those who assume their property will always be theirs.
They won't stop until they criminalize opposition.
Like they did for the 99% of "sheeple" in 2020 but...
For those who take their personal freedom for granted.
The road to serfdom is short.
With ever encroaching political means...
To limit your options...
Limit what you own...
And make you "happy."
The endgame of the "controlled demolition" is this:
Without taking your own personal freedom back...
And making the Elite pay the loss...
Without making them equal while you take the profits.
Your future could look much different.
The Fed has already laid the rails for a CBDC.
It's called FedNow.
Your bank may already be participating.
About 97 across the USA already are...
Including most of the BIG banks.
And that means your bank, even fiat money may soon fall under the crypto maxim:
"Not your keys, not your wallet."
Where unelected officials will have access to everything.
They'll decide prices, and provide a universal income for all (for a limited time).
It's like this:
Spend your money or it's gone.
The Fed printeth, and the Fed taketh away.
And that's how money gets managed for those that don't act...
They become one of the "Crypto Communist" serfs.
Where they give their personal freedoms in exchange for security.
When people willfully ignore Bitcoin...
Instead of giving due attention to the ONE way to personal freedom - BitcoinCapitalism.
Until a few years ago, not many people paid much attention.

Crypto was an aside.

It was some "imaginary money in the sky" but...

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell now seems to think differently...

He's on record saying,

"Bitcoin seems to have some staying power in the US economy."

Duh, Bitcoin is here to stay.

And it's unstoppable.

Why the Elite Are

Desperate to Own Bitcoin

Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock seems to have his own plan for Bitcoin.

He's desperate.

Last year, he made a BIG move not too many people know about.

They made an exclusive partnership with Coinbase, the United States biggest centralized exchange.

Coinbase is now connected to Blackrock's digital financial surveillance system.

It's called Aladdin.

If you're on Coinbase, Blackrock and Larry Fink could know more than you need about you and your transactions.

He needs to know...

Because he's desperate for control.

But there's something else too...

Something you only really recognize in hindsight:

Three major money managers have all applied for Spot Bitcoin ETF.

Blackrock recently applied for a Spot Bitcoin ETF.

Vanguard also did the same.
InvestCo did too.
Within a week Bitcoin went up +15%.
There's no slowing down...
This year Bitcoin's up +90%.
Bitcoin is the single best performing asset this year.
BIG Banks and businesses are buying...
And individual wallet creations are hitting fresh all-time highs.
So you can see why are the Elite desperate to own Bitcoin.
Yes, they want control.
They need it.
But they want something else too.
They're desperate because they want their "fair share", but can't have it.
They 1% see the movement.
And it's unstoppable.

How BitcoinCapitalism Protects You and Punches Back Against the "Controlled Demolition"

(makes the "Everyday Man" beat them at the Elite at their own game)

When I saw how broken our monetary system is...

How corrupted it was by Ruling Elites with access to fast, easy money.

How all of it made them richer and MORE powerful.

And how they were using crypto to do the exact same thing.

I knew there had to ensure your personal freedom and your family's prosperity...

I believe I've found quite possibly the ONLY way to ensure your personal sovereignty:


It protects and punches back against the Ruling Elite's plans.

So you can topple their pathetic attempt at monetary control.
You can reclaim the inevitable "Great Reset" and...
Own the monetary regime change for you and I and every other "average joe."
When you become a part of the Bitcoin Capitalist movement, you ensure your personal sovereignty.
You get a future full of choices - more than options.
You control your own wealth.
You control your gold, Bitcoin, and premium stocks...
Your wealth!
That's something no government, central banker, businessman could ever take from you.
And you make a healthy profit at the same time.
The elite know it too.
"What inspires me the most about Bitcoin is the community driving it. It reminds me of the early internet."
- Jack Dorsey (CNBC, Jul, 2021)
"Cryptocurrency technologies can take power from centralized systems and put it back into people's hands."
- Mark Zuckerberg (Economic Times, 2018)
"Bitcoin is a better alternative to Gold, and it's going to continue to be. That's why I own Bitcoin and never sold it."
- Mark Cuban, Billionaire
Now, they may own some Bitcoin but...
They don't have what you could...
You could have your personal freedom, your family's prosperity, and privacy - protected!
Only when you become part of the movement as a BitcoinCapitalist.

Here's Everything You Get...

When You Become a BitcoinCapitalist
12x Monthly Issues
1x The BitcoinCapitalist Letter

A premium news service tailored for investors, HNW individuals, business owners, family offices, and other capital allocators.

Really, for anyone who wants to get their elbows dirty in digital assets like the "average joe" who wants to know...

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But there's more...

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Bonus #1: The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto
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  • A shocking prediction of the coming network state
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When you decide to become a BitcoinCapitalist, you get immediate exclusive access to everything you see below...

Your guide to the movement against the manipulators, the man-childs, and the mockery of the "average joe's" right to personal property, privacy and freedom.

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  • The Original CryptoCapitalist Manifesto - What Mark saw coming years ago, and what's unfolding now (the truth is stranger than fiction).
  • An easy, step-by-step starter video to buying Bitcoin
  • Futurism. Not concluded, but clues to what could be...
This is your guide to protecting your privacy, personal property and freedom against the whims of the out-of-touch Elite.

Mark's been practicing this himself for over twenty years. Yes, he's been buying Bitcoin earlier than 2013, integrating it into his business, HODLing it exclusively for today...

When the US Economy is coming down you have to be prepared. Mark's been there, and still is...

He picks his own vegetables at the grocery store.

He sees $10 packs of bacon and leaves them on the shelf.

He pumps his own gas (no EVs, thanks), and occasionally takes the train into work.

And now he's chopped down the trees, cleared the land, and is growing his own crop in the Crypto space.

What he wants you to know...

The hard work of fighting back against the Elite's "controlled demolition" of the economy is done-for-you.

He doesn't need your cash, but he does want you to own your own personal sovereignty.

Why he's doing this is the most important reason.

No one should have control over your life, privacy, or personal property. Those are the fundamental rules of capitalism, and they are here, as a BitcoinCapitalist too.

He's already built a multi-million dollar company, EasyDNS.com with multiple others in his portfolio.

Inside the BitcoinCapitalist Letter, he'll show you how to do the same, and buy premium, publicly-traded crypto stocks.

He's already claimed his coin in crypto, yet he still buys more. Even when the "experts" say NO...

And that means he's a Bitcoin millionaire. I'm not saying that to brag, I'm showing you proof, for your sake. To him, Bitcoin isn't cash. It's a "net-zero" investment.

Buy and HODL...

Bitcoin IS gold...

I could be sharing with you, how to MAKE MILLIONS, even though you could.

But Mark's sectioned off this part of the Bitcoin movement for the sake of the "everyday man".

He'd rather you be a part of the Bitcoin movement against crypto communism, state power, and corrupt currency towards a fair society than create some new perverted version of Elites (even though he could).

And that's why you can get started for so much, with so little.

You can become a BitcoinCapitalist with a $7 test-drive to protect your personal freedom.

What People are Saying
About The BitcoinCapitalist
"Jeftovic is the real deal.
He knew crypto was a game changer back when most business leaders were in denial."
  • Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge
"Mark gives you a comprehensive roadmap.
Not to just survive, ...but prosper in these crazy times."
  • Charles Hugh Smith, Oftwominds.com
"The Crypto Capitalist is absolutely brilliant.
You've got to get Mark's letter and read him every day"
  • Steve Bannon, Warroom
Remember your privacy...

Your property...

And your personal freedom are ALL on the line...

Now that you know what 99% of people have already agreed to. You have to the choice to deny their Elite's their plan, protect AND push back against their valuable socialist "protection" and "prosperity."

That's your first step to denying the "Crypto Communist" plan to make the rich, richer, and the poor poorer.

That doesn't need to be you.

You can...

When you decide to become a BitcoinCapitalist, you get immediate exclusive access to everything you see below...

Your guide to the movement against the manipulators, the man-childs, and the mockery of the "average joe's" right to personal property, privacy and freedom.

And that's why you can get started for so much, with so little.

You can become a BitcoinCapitalist with a $7 test-drive to protect your personal freedom.

Protect Your Profit and Punch Back
Only as a BitcoinCapitalist you get to...
Take control of your future. You decide...
You can take care of your own personal freedom, guard your personal property and life savings, and privacy.
Using Bitcoin Capitalism, you put yourself in a position of power. Power against the plan, and out-of-touch rich, would-be bullying bankers, and politicians in it to sadly... benefit their own skin.
It's up to you.
Personal sovereignty is yours to take, and own.
You're well on your way, when you become a BitcoinCapitalist.
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