What's it going to take?
I will pay you to properly custody
your Bitcoin and other crypto assets. 
Buy a secure hardware wallet from Ledger, and I'll send
21,000 sats to it after you take delivery.*
-- Mark E. Jeftovic, ( â‚¿ombthrower & Crypto Capitalist)
Step 1: Enter your email above and keep the confrmation email I'll send you.
Step 2: When your Ledger wallet arrives, forward me your proof-of-purchase from your email, along with a receive address where I'll end your sats.
Step 3: Stack your sats!
*The Fine Print: This is not an official Ledger rebate - I'm doing this privately and I'm a Ledger affiliate.
(That said, I personally use Ledger wallets and recommend them from experience.)
When you click on the Get Ledger button I am generating a unique code that I will match up later when you send me your proof-of-purchase.
Once I have your proof-of-purchase and match it against my records I will send 21,000 satoshis to the receive address you supply. Happy Stacking!
If you're not already on my Bombthrower mailing list then you can join it by confirming the verification email you will receive from me.