The Crypto Capitulation Report (front-running the Fed Pivot)

Special report on a very important inflection point that most "experts" are going to miss.

(Never mind waiting for "the Fed Pivot", the most significant event in for Bitcoin and investors in digital assets may be occurring right now)
It's been a brutal year across all asset classes, with the Federal Reserve trying to channel Paul Volcker and hiking interest rates at the fastest pace ever, The Everything Bubble has finally popped.

While the bubble was still expanding, everything was going up. "It's all one trade" was the mantra and everybody from private equity, hedge funds, even small businesses and retirees were trying to reach for yield after a decade of anemic interest rates, and trying to outrun inflation - which officially didn't exist - but everybody in the real world knew it was there. At least in terms of asset prices.

Whether you were trying to

  • buy a first home,
  • save for your kids' college tuition,
  • or trying to save for your retirement
...everything was overpriced, overvalued, overbought and screaming higher.
Picture tennis on biplanes.
Bored apes NFTS.
It was the modern day equivalent of the roaring 20's. Instead of dancing on flagpoles and playing tennis on the wings of biplanes, we were rolling our stimmies into meme stocks and bidding pixelated jpegs into the stratosphere.

And then, as all things must, it came to an end. With inflation surging to generational highs the world over, central banks, led by the Fed were forced into action. They now faced an intractable dilemma - while policy makers pursued a "just right" level of inflation as orthodox canon, runaway inflation is an existential threat to the established order.

Remember the Arab Spring? When about half a dozen governments, were swept away in a matter of months? All of them had stronger, more despotic holds on their populations than ours here in the G20 do, and many of them held an iron grip on power for decades. Their regimes turned to dust in realtime, for all to see.

Picture of Arab Spring mayhem in Libya
Picture of Arab Spring mayhem in Libya
Inflation did that.
Nothing enrages the mobs or fires up the guillotines faster than not being able to feed your family, make your mortgage payments, pay the rent, or gas up your car to get to work.

Seeing that inflation was not at these purportedly benign levels, and that it was definitely not transitory - the central banks of the world were forced to act.

That popped the Everything Bubble. And since then it's still all been One Trade: down.

Since that occurred, the entire investing world, credit markets and financial interests have been waiting for one thing:

The Fed Pivot

The Banksters Knew What They Were Getting Themselves (and us) into.

The Fed is caught in a [ trap ] - one of their own making. Because central banks of the world have been blowing up serial debt bubbles since 1971 (when the fiat era started in earnest), and pushing interest rates down to levels not seen in two thousand years - they knew the day would come when they couldn't kick the can any further - they knew at some point they would run out of runway - but the alternatives each time were too terrible to contemplate, so they kept running the same playbook: printing money.

We are at the end of the road, for paper money

This last hiking cycle is the final attempt to normalize a system that's been distorted beyond recovery. But if they keep hiking and still fail to put inflation back in the bottle they will, at some point risk setting off a credit sovereign debt crisis. Over 300 Trillion in sovereign debt worldwide will collapse in on itself, setting off a global contagion that will make the Global Financial Crisis look like a speed bump.

However, most investors are waiting for the wrong inflection point

Because the stakes are so high, everybody, and I mean everybody is expecting the Fed to "pivot" at some point - to pause their hiking cycle, and depending on how bad it gets, even start bringing interest rates back down and printing money - yet again. This is what I call the "pivot, print and pray" scenario.

It seems inevitable - not the least in which because some central banks have already broken ranks with the Fed and started stealthily propping up their own internal bond markets: the $2 Trillion UK gilt market almost vaporized in October, which ran the risk of sucking up that nation's pension funds into oblivion. They printed.

In Japan they've never stopped printing, it's just stopped working. The Japanese Yen having lost over 20% against the USD this year and their sacred dollar peg is being held together with spit, twist-ties and ever intensifying overnight repo operations.

Make no mistake - the pivot is coming

BUT if that's what you're waiting for, you'll already be too late to capture truly dynastic level wealth building opportunity

And you run the risk of betting on the wrong side of history

The pivot is coming because the alternative is the unthinkable scenario of global debt collapse and a sovereign bond crisis. The size of what's at stake here dwarfs the stock market.
Size graph - bonds / equities / gold / Bitcoin.
As my readers of The Bitcoin Capitalist have known since the Fed hiking cycle started, the Fed doesn't care what their rate hikes do to the stock market.
Picture $100 will buy this car 1929.
But if they puncture the debt bubble, it's all over. They will pivot, print and pray.
But If you wait for the Fed Pivot - it will be too late!

When the pivot comes, FIVE things will almost certainly happen:

1. Everything blasts off, again

At first it may feel like the March lows of the COVID panic, when the central banks around the world came in with the monetary bazookas, frantically cutting rates to the zero bound and blowing $30 Trillion USD of new money into the global economy in a little over a year.

2. Inflation spins truly out of control

Ever since the massive monetary stimulus during the GFC, the people who said it would be inflationary were waved off as cranks and charlatans. Mainstream economists made their careers on ridiculing "inflationistas".
Krugman photo - quote
Central bankers from Bernanke (who literally advocated "Helicopter money") to Yellen (who said reeling in the monetary supply would be "like watching paint dry"), to Christine Lagarde - who now thinks inflation came in on a comet from deep space, under estimated and downplayed the reality of inflation for over a decade.

All that changes.

Picture of $10 dollar bacon.

3. The Establishment will blame the victims

Instead it will be blame - deflection, and accusations:

Vladimir Putin, greedy CEOs, climate change, racism - you name it, as long as it's not central banks printing trillions of dollars for decades or governments buying your votes with borrowed money, it's going to get blamed for inflation.

Investors will be discouraged and scared because even if their stocks are going up in nominal terms, inflation will outpace the nominal gains in a lot of sectors.

Inflation is not good for a lot of companies, and a lot of sectors will underperform for decades or just turn to dust:

Money losing tech unicorns, zombie companies, meme stocks - all the businesses and assets that rode the crest of the Everything Bubble, will not maintain their position when inflation is secular and soaring.

Because here's the next tectonic shift that happens in terms of investment classes is that

4. The Market structure changes

The next asset cycle is the one that marks the transition out of the fiat currency era into whatever comes next. We don't know for sure what that is (but readers of The Crypto Capitalist will know what to look out for).

But we do know that the zombies and unicorns, and even the juggernauts of the last cycle (like Meta) won't lead the next cycle.

The next cycle will be anchored to the real world (not some fake "meta verse") because inflation, self-inflicted scarcity and supply chain constraints and geo-political tensions will force it to be.

Things not thoughts will be what everybody will be scrambling to own. Hard assets, commodities, energy, cashflow producing businesses (with pricing power) - this is what will be sought after, and investors are going to trade mindshare, "future potential", eyeballs and all other forms of unicorn farts to get it.

Unicorn Meat in can.
Because finally, what's really going on here, is that:

5. The global financial system undergoes a phase shift

We're headed for a monetary event horizon. The USD as global world reserve currency is on its way out. Whether it remains so within our portion in a new multi-polar world remains to be seen.

Maybe it morphs into a stablecoin, maybe it becomes a full fledged CBDC, in any case - what we have now is on its last legs. And it's not just the USD, it's all fiat currencies, everywhere.

You've probably heard a lot of talk about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and how every country on earth wants to roll one out, and how privacy experts are afraid they'll look like China-style social credit systems.

These concerns are 100% warranted because this is exactly where we are going.

But the most important thing to know about this coming transformation of the global financial system isn't that it's a mere switch from one currency to a different one...

The coming monetary shift isn't a reset or a reboot, it's an event horizon.

What do I mean by that?

In astrophysics, an event horizon is a theoretical border around a black hole, the point at which once a beam of light crosses over it, it can never come back.

Back in 2018 I made an analogy that something similar applied to interest rates: once central bankers touched the zero bound, they were essentially stuck there and could never normalize without wrecking the economy.

I pointed at Japan, having at the time been stuck at the zero bound for thirty years - and X years later, even with the Fed trying with all its might to pull away from the zero bound, Japan is still stuck there.

We're seeing right now my thesis playing out in the real world - the Fed is trying to come back across the event horizon - and they're crashing the global economy in the process.

Something like this can also happen monetarily - where the current debt-based monetary regime is like a black hole, sucking in all future value into the present (this is what "debt" actually is) at ever accelerating rate until it collapses in on itself.

Some of those astrophysicists think that black holes may have an opposite end, called a white hole - where all the matter that gets sucked into the vortex becomes so highly compressed and dense, that it becomes it's own localized singularity which at some point blasts out "the other end", whatever that is - a new universe? A parallel dimension?
Dance of Shiva / Cosmology picture

It's quite the thought experiment. Some spiritual philosophers even think this grand, cosmically scaled pendulum is the "heartbeat of existence" itself - the universe expanding... over billions of years, then slowing... contracting into a million black holes, until over the course of even more billions of years, all the black holes suck up all the matter in the universe, and then they gravitate toward each other collapsing together into one Big Black Hole which disappears up its own orifice and blows out "the other side" - "a Big Bang".

Culture often does imitate nature's patterns. Something analogous happens throughout the rhythms of history, in oscillating zeitgeists - we swing from left, to right, or centralization to decentralization, at ever widening extremes until we blow out in a massive reset).

And it happens with value, where we pull ever increasing amounts of it from the future and then squander it away in a rapidly compressing present
Graph - debt to $ GDP output
Fred graph
Buy backs vs market cap
Buy Backs vs Market Cap
Here in the twilight of the fiat currency era, the first of its kind in terms of it being worldwide - this was the defining characteristic of globalism - the black hole of debt is now rapidly devouring the "matter" of the economic universe: future value, and it's about to collapse in on itself.

In human time scales, this could play out over decades, but don't kid yourself into thinking you have the luxury of time to get ready.

When I wrote The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto nearly two years ago, I had a 10 to 20 year time horizon in mind for key aspects I prognosticated therein it to play out.

A lot of hit happened within 18 months

CBDCs, capital controls, governments seizing bank accounts - de facto social credit, it came out of the woodwork even faster than I originally suspected - and that tells me, two things:
  1. The system is unravelling faster than even I expected
  2. The establishment elites are scared
At some point in the near future the Fed will pivot, the central banks will pivot (probably ahead of the Fed) and we'll truly be into the End Game for late stage globalism.

And that point, dear reader, it will already be too late to position yourself for what comes next.

After the Event Horizon, we undergo

The Great Bifurcation

In the future there will be only one  occupation: managing one's wealth.
And the majority of people are going to be unemployed.
— Mark Jeftovic 2020
With the world already splintering into multi-polar trading blocks (the BRICs are expanding fast, now that the rails of the global financial system like SWIFT and ACH have been weaponized ), and fissures appearing in the global debt bubble, and once central banks, especially the Fed, are printing money again, at some point there must come an attempt at a new monetary order, along the lines of "The Great Restructuring"
"Imagine if you will, persistent double-digit inflation, energy costs soaring, shortages causing blackouts across Europe, bond yields spiking uncontrollably, supply chains grinding to a halt while sovereign debt crises erupt the world over...

Then one Friday after the markets close, heading into a long weekend, an emergency broadcast occurs in which the President, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Speaker of the House appear on national TV to announce that pursuant to the Statutory Bail-Ins provision of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Bill, a banking holiday would take place over the following week. During that holiday, certain bank liabilities would be converted into FedCoin (FED), an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, at the rate of 10 FED per $1.

Every depositor would have an NFT issued to their Social Security Number – and that would give them access to their FedCoin via the Sign-On-With-Ethereum protocol. Depositors would have to "stake" their Ethereum to access the "full benefits" of FedCoin, however any sub-optimal social behaviours, (such as being behind on current vaccinations, or running your air conditioner too cool) could result in "slashing" – having a portion of their staked assets "burned".

Similar announcements are being made elsewhere: in Canada Prime Minister Freeland and her Finance Minister Steven Guilbeault announce the creation of LOONCoin, invoking the The Bank Recapitalization (Bail-in) Conversion Regulations from 2018 while in Australia they refer to Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill of 2017.

Across the G-20, each leader is calling their national initiative part of The Great Restructuring"

from "Meet the most likely base layer for global CBDC's: Ethereum, Mark E. Jeftovic via Zerohedge, Sept 7, 2022

They'll try this because the alternative will be hyper-inflation.

My mom was born in Germany, shortly after the Weimar Republic collapsed. Her grandfather was a wealthy landowner who was convinced to sell most of his gold for Deutsche Marks, and he lost nearly everything. My mom told me a story of her as a child, peering through the window, watching her grandfather empty his last small change purse of gold coins onto his bed, and count them back into his purse. He'd then dump it out and do it again. He was catatonic. The hyper-inflation destroyed him. Body and mind.

Born in 1930, my mom's childhood consisted mainly of growing up under the Nazis. Near the end of the war she was kicked out of the Hitler Youth for insubordination. In the waning days of WWII, as the Russians were rolling across East Pomerania, where my mom's family lived, the name of the game was to surrender to Western Allies like the Americans, the Brits or the Canadians. No matter what: do not get captured by the Russians (my mother's step-grandmother even gave them cyanide capsules to take should that happen. She would have been 14 at that point).

Her entire village fled, her best friend, cousin Ulla and her family heading out a day before her own - in the same direction, using the same methods as everybody would go - West. By motor-car, open railcars even some horse drawn carts

However, one key difference meant that Ulla's family would never make it to the West, as they were never able to get across the Oder River, and ultimately, they were trapped behind Russian lines. My mom's family, her mother, sister and younger brother - (her father had been sent to the front), made it across.

Germany was carved up as East and West. The East became a communist gulag, while in time, the West became the economic powerhouse of free Europe

What made all the the difference?

My mom's family still had that small bag of gold. The one her grandfather hung onto after being wiped out. Left down to them after he died, that change purse of gold coins was what got them across the Oder into the West, and freedom. Her brother grew up and became a bank manager in Heidelberg. Her sister a schoolteacher. My mom ended up marrying a dashing RAF Spitfire pilot and emigrating here to Canada, where they had a couple of kids, one of whom is telling you this story.

She never saw Ulla again, who eked out a meagre, subsistance existence for the remainder of her life in communist East Germany.

The moral of this story is that it only took a small amount of hard assets (and capital mobility) to forever sort these two families into the winners and losers of history. When these Great Bifurcation moments arrive, that can be all it takes to get yourself onto the right side of it.

And history never stops riffing.

The Post-World War II era gave rise to an architecture where American hegemony and a monetary system called Bretton Woods, divided humanity into two spheres: capitalism and communism.

The Great Restructuring will once again bisect humanity into two classes:
  1. Those who rely on government entitlements, and whose economic lives are substantially dominated by CBDCs with strict hierarchies, social credit, personal carbon allowances, metered consumption: in a word: rigid hierarchical centralism
  2. Those who manage to preserve wealth outside of the CBDC system and move freely throughout networks that are marbled through those command and control economies.
As we've been tracking closely in The Crypto Capitalist Letter, the coming CBDCs will absolutely, with certainty morph into China-style social credit systems. You will be ruled by your phone. It probably won't feel like being ruled, more like gamified. But make no mistake, you'll be metered, measured, nudged, regulated and obligated to meter your consumption and adapt your behaviours.
Old picture of workers.

It will in all likelihood be based on Personal Carbon Allowances, which will become the basis of consumption and value.

Carbon Footprint
Crypto wealth - crypto and Bitcoin Capitalists, will have wealth, and lives outside that system. They will own hard assets, have the material wealth to move freely, consume what they want, when they want, and live by their own compass.
What people are saying about The Crypto Capitalist
Tyler Durden, Zerohedge:
"Jeftovic is the real deal.
He knew crypto was a game changer back when most business leaders were in denial."
Charles Hugh Smith,
"Mark gives you a roadmap not to just survive, ...but prosper."
Steve Bannon,
"The Crypto Capitalist is absolutely brilliant.
You've got to get Mark's letter
and read him every day"
The goal of Crypto Capitalism, is to be in the latter group. To be among those with assets. Wealth. Opportunities. Autonomy. Freedom.

The time to position is now. Here's why...

Thanks for reading this far, I'm about to tell you the most important part of everything we've been leading up to. It was a lot to digest, but I had to make sure you really got this so that you understand the full gravity of what I'm about to tell you.

If you wait for the Fed pivot to embrace Crypto Capitalism, you'll be too late.

The reason why is because inflation will kick into overdrive then, and you'll be playing catch-up the entire time.

Most asset prices, including Bitcoin have had a brutal year. Down about 75% from its all time highs close to $70,000 USD in October 2021.

This is pretty typical for Bitcoin. It runs in distinct cycles, but each up-cycle follows a geometric progression.

Let's take a look at the 2013 bear market for Bitcoin:

In the first panel, we see how the price of Bitcoin reacted to the realization that having your savings confiscated from your bank accounts to recapitalize zombie banks was suddenly a thing.
Then, as the bail-in came and and went, other crises came to the fore, such as the implosion of the Mt Gox Bitcoin exchange. It looked like an existential crisis at the time.
But by the end of the year, and into 2014, we see panel 1 super-imposed on panel #2. When it was over it looked like a speed bump.
Then in Panel 3, when you zoom out to today's time frame, that entire cycle of 2013 looks like it's barely a rounding error.
While it's scary and discouraging to be down on your Bitcoin investments during a bear cycle, take solace in knowing that the next cycle starts at levels at least an order of magnitude above the present cycle's highs. Not lows - highs.

When the Fed pivots, hard assets like gold and Bitcoin will blast off to the next level up.

If you aren't in Bitcoin already, when that happens, you'll be left behind, and playing catch up. Forever. That's even if you can scrape together enough excess economic value in "carbon world" to buy some Bitcoin with it, and if anybody who already has Bitcoin will even trade it for anything from carbon world.

We've been in a crypto winter for about 18 months now. Most people think the crypto winter started at the same time as the Everything Bubble burst, which was when the Fed started hiking. But I think the crypto winter started last April (in 2021). On the eve of the Coinbase IPO. After that, aside from one false breakout to a new all-time-high in October, it's been all downhill.

Most analysts are mis-interpreting where crypto fits in the popping of The Everything Bubble

It means that while the post-Everything Bubble bear market is still fairly young, and may still have a way to play out, when you compare it with previous winters: the crypto winter is actually getting quite long in the tooth,

Year Duration Rate
2013 415 days 83%
2018-2019 12 months 84%
2021 ? ?

The Sweet spot in timing to get on the right side of history

What every bear market needs to see before it ends is Capitulation. That's when the last holdouts with dwindling conviction levels finally throw in the towel and sell their holdings. You see it in exhaustion, in maximum pessimism, and you see it in volume. This is usually The Bottom.

We've been waiting to see that since at least April of 2022, through all the carnage of this year: Terra/Luna, 3AC, Celsius, Voyager, et al.

But when FTX melted down recently, setting off Yet Another Crypto Contagion, we finally saw one thing we haven't seen yet throughout all the previous mayhem...

Crypto Graph
We saw Bitcoin come down to a level not seen since 2020, and a tonne of cryptos get absolutely wiped out
(I made a small pile shorting Solana - and TCC readers got two things for their membership this week: an urgent warning to get any assets out of FTX, two days before they suspended withdrawals, and a flash trade on shorting Solana which bagged 500% in 48 hours).
Solana Price Chart
We the saw the Bitcoin stocks and other crypto equities get monkey hammered yet again - some of them are off 75% or 80% from their all time highs.

With this latest FTX contagion, this has been the the final straw for a lot of market participants. They're done with crypto now. It's over.

Why Bitcoin is the ultimate contrarian trade, and why now is the last best window to get on board before the coming monetary singularity

In 1939 Sir John Templeton was just John Templeton. He was a rank and file stock broker, eking out a living during the Great Depression.

There were similarities with today - at least in terms of the stock market.

After a decade of churn, false rallies and downdrafts, and with World War 2 looming in the immediate future, hope was gone - and in 1939 the they couldn't take it anymore, and sold, that last, tragic wave of sellers threw in the towel.

They capitulated.

(In reality, the lows had already been put in, years earlier in 1932. Capitulation came 5 years later. A similar pattern is playing out today, with Bitcoin's cycle lows coming in during the COVID panic of 2020. )
chart S&P 1929 - 1945
chart of BTC 2017 - 2022
Templeton looked at this and realized that many of those companies were priced as if they were headed to zero:
  1. [ will fund companies he invested in]
  2. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  3. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Templeton borrowed $10,000 from his boss, and he bought 100 shares of every company trading at $1 or less. There were 104 of them. 34 of them were already in bankruptcy. Yet, this was the trade that made him a legend. After a few years and having made enormous profits on enough of the companies, Templeton paid back his boss founded his own investment firm. Four of the companies had gone to zero.

Templeton went on to live a prosperous life. He was given a knighthood. He became a billionaire philanthropist, never losing touch with his deeply held spirituality. He passed away peacefully as at his compound in Bahamas, at age ___

The similarities of the charts between the Great Depression and the crypto winter since the top of the 2017 cycle high are [ something ]

Bitcoin Price Chart
The 1939 trade was formative for Templeton, he encapsulated it in his personal investment mantra:

Buy at the point of Maximum Pessimism

Under lockdowns I decided to recommit to developing my investor skills and started doing a deep dive in the timeframe just after the COVID panic. With my background in value investing (and a basic grounding in Austrian School Economics) I started researching nano-caps and micro-caps because I thought that's where an indie investor such as myself could get the most alpha.

(In previous years I had uncovered Tucows when they were a penny stock and bought boatloads of it. It was a nine year hold for me, included an 80% drawdown. I held through that and yet I still sold too early. Until crypto, this was my single greatest trade of my life)

Tukows Inc
On this go round I kept winding up looking at penny stocks in the same sector: Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. At the time, (mid-to-late 2020), the pandemic hysteria was in full-swing, Bitcoin was putting up a string of all-time-highs, yet the publicly traded stocks in this space were trading in the toilet. Many of them were trading below Net Asset Value, having more Bitcoin and cash on their balance sheets than their entire market caps. Meanwhile, Bitcoin was going up up UP.

It was a no-brainer asymmetric trade, and I made my entry into this space - buying some companies at prices so low, than now, even today, after all this crypto carnage, I'm still up 2X or more on a couple of these:

Entry Recent High
BITF: $0.63 $1.15 $10.51
HUT: $1.26 $2.41 $16.98
Those are near doubles in two years, which is about 50% annual return in an investing environment in which even the lifelong masters are calling the most treacherous of their lifetimes.

In early 2021 I launched the Crypto Capitalist Letter which started out as the first ever newsletter covering crypto stocks. We've seen astonishing highs that have been followed by mind-numbing, bone grinding lows.

We've expanded the scope to include analysis of the entire digital asset space:

(we issued an urgent bulletin to members to get any assets out of FTX two days before they

And we're positioning now to take full advantage of this point of Maximum Pessimism that is permeating the entire space.

The Sweet Spot for catching the monetary singularity is before The Pivot ... and after the capitulation

Amassing Bitcoin and making digital hard assets part of your portfolio anytime before the Fed Pivot and the monetary singularity it will set off will put you on the right side of The Great Bifurcation.

To truly maximize your torque and garner outsized, possibly exponential gains (that you thought only the OGs from prior waves were lucky enough to capture), you step in during the point of Maximum Pessimism - and that point comes after The Capitulation.

We are entering this point now

About the Crypto Capitalist Letter

Mark Jeftovic
My name is Mark Jeftovic and I'm a Bitcoin OG, being involved in the space since 2013. Even before that I was deeply interested in finding solutions to our fundamentally broken and rigged monetary system. In the early 00's I was supporting the Digital Gold Currency movement through my internet company, easyDNS. I co-founded that company in the late 90's and it's been my vehicle for experiencing the technological and economic waves of history as they unfolded in internet time.

You may have seen my writings on technology, surveillance, Big Tech, privacy on Hackernews or AxisOfEasy, you may have read my work on Cantillon Effect, and the coming monetary regime change on Zerohedge, or seen me in Revealed Films. I've written for Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine and been covered in Wired, Bloomberg, the New York Times and elsewhere.

I don't view this historic transformative shift as a mere money making opportunity, otherwise I would have just been shilling shitcoins regardless of the outcomes. I'm just a small figure in a much, much larger movement.

This movement marches to the mantra "Fix the money, fix the world".

Pretty well every systemic, cataclysmic crisis we're facing today, from inflation to the prospect a Orwellian technocratic surveillance society and even the outbreak of World War III, is propelled and accelerated by the perverse incentives that result directly from the Ponzi scheme of debt-based fiat money.

Things are reaching a climax - a long-wave historical process which will culminate within the next few years in a tectonic shift. But the crucial, irreversible milestones could happen within months.

The Crypto Capitalist Letter is your high signal, no bullshit advisory service to help you navigate this arcane and labyrinthian world. Our goal is to preserve wealth, get as much of it out of the reach of the coming social credit / quota based monetary system so you and your family can remain free and self-sovereign.

The added benefit is we may even amass even greater prosperity and wealth in doing so, resources that can then be used to

  • Send your kids to private school or hire home tutors
  • Set up multiple residences and business interests in different political jurisdictions
  • Have total control over your own wealth that no government, central bank, global body or private entity could ever seize, bail-in or rehypothecate.
  • Create and grow multiple streams of income that flow to you no matter what the economic or political climate is

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