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by Bombthrower Media
Our core thesis is that we're entering a period of increasing centralization, collectivism and wokeness. We call the convergence of these trends "late stage Globalism", that will culminate in a blow off top of peak absurdity, economic / geopolitical upheaval and general hyper-reality (a.k.a "Clown World")
The counter move to this will be a massive, tectonic shift to decentralized, network structures. 
The days of top-down are numbered, the Network Era is beginning.
We provide the tools, training and platforms to navigate the turbulence and thrive in the new terrain.

Next Level Thinking For The New Normal

Mystics and sages from Buckminster Fuller to Neville Goddard impart the same core message:
You don't win by resisting the current system, no matter how unjust or absurd. Success is achieved through building something new. 
By putting your attention into what you want, rather than what you oppose,  legacy structures are disrupted and eventually supplanted through the adoption of an entirely new paradigm.
These times of transition shifts have been recognized as repeating throughout history: Fourth Turnings, Long Wave cycles, paradigm shifts. 
We are in such a transitionary shift now.

Mark E. Jeftovic

CEO easyDNS Technologies Inc.
Founder & Publisher Bombthrower Media
Mark E. Jeftovic is a technology entrepreneur, investor and author. 
He's been at the forefront of two revolutions being both an internet pioneer and a Bitcoin OG.
Today he serves as the CEO of easyDNS and the Exec. Chair of the easyBrand Group of companies, a web services and SaaS conglomerate based in Toronto, ON.
Outside of his duties at easyBrand, Jeftovic has been a lifelong advocate for self-sovereignty and was among the first futurists to posit the transition from "nation states" to network states.
He is the author of two books on technology and his writings can be seen throughout various indepedent media outlets and via the Private World Network of properties.

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Our core investment thesis lays the groundwork for understanding the Decentralized Revolution and how to navigate what comes next.
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